Find a Store; Become a Retailer; Our Story. Fenix PD36R 1600 Lumen rechargeable CREE LED tactical Flashlight, red filter with EdisonBright charging cable carry case bundle. There’s nothing glaringly bad, and everything … The 700-Lumen output is provided by the ARB-L16-700, 700U, or 700UP. It has significantly higher output levels and longer throw, with a larger spot and a better spot/spill ratio. Fenix PD36R 1600 Lumen USB Rechargeable CREE LED Tactical Flashlight, ALP-MT … Here is where you will find the answers. Hi everyone. Olight S2. Fenix PD36R Description. Nitecore. Unlike with other handheld LED lights, the PD35 V2 everyday carry is simple to use and does not require multiple taps to reach your desired output. I like the mount of the Olight but I like the form factor of the Fenix. Fenix Vs Surefire Round 1: Handheld Lights. All of the Fenix's have been at 20% off with no tax and free shipping and the Olights were bought during an Amazon flash sale. Streamlight makes a good light but they are far behind the leaders. Olight M2Rpro vs Jetbeam IIIMR vs Fenix PD36R – a “different” review veröffentlicht am 22. While being relatively compact and being powered by only one battery, the output is 2500 lumen, and that’s a lot. Posted by 6 months ago. 1. Additional features include a dual lockout, a two-way body clip, and a magnetic tail. November 2019 in flashlights von m4d m4x. You can recharge it without having to remove the battery through a USB-C port that is protected by a rubberized cover. Close. For woods or serious use I'd rather use the brand new Fenix PD36R which I just received. Pick one up from Amazon at the link below. Page 1 of 1 Start … 4.4 out of 5 stars 515. 2. 80% Fenix PD36R. Two of the biggest players in the tactical flashlight industry are Nitecore and Fenix. The PD36R is made for long run times. In terms of size, the light is only 5.35 inches in length and 1.04 inches in diameter. Max 1600 lumens, but will run at 800-640 LUMEN CONTINUOUSLY FOR 6 HOURS STRAIGHT! Review: Manker E05 (1xAA-14500, Osram KW Emitter, EDC) Started by Budda, 06-06-2020 02:53 PM. Offline . Tactical flashlights we reviewed, from left to right: Fenix PD35 Tac (18650), Olight M2R PRO (21700), Fenix PD36R (21700), Thrunite TN12 V4 (18650), Olight Warrior X PRO (21700), Nitecore MH25GTS (18650) Driver & User Interface: The M2R PRO Warrior has a different kind of UI as other brands. I have been a Fenix customer since 2009 and have about 17 Fenix lights and have never had one fail. This review will be dedicated to a new powerful flashlight from Olight, the R50 Seeker. I also have my old Gladius, a Fenix PD36r, a pair of Olight i3t EOS's, and a couple Fenix E12s. Just comment or contact me on my blog: Many are crap. Its almost exactly the same size as the PD35, has a similar beam pattern, just … Log in or register to post comments . Nitecore vs Fenix: Which is better? Don't need throw. In length, it only measures a total of 4.2 inches so it can easily be carried in a go-bag or pocket. $14.95 Fenix HM65R 1400 Lumen Spot and Flood Dual Beam USB-C Rechargeable Headlamp with 3500mAh Battery and LumenTac Battery Organizer. Hello my dear friends! Joined: Jun 30, 2015 Messages: 6,081 Likes Received: 7,318. GaiaIngram. This is huge for when needing to see way out in front of yourself. The PD36R is Fenix's first pocket rocket to use a 21700 lithium-ion rechargeable battery and the first hand torch to use a USB Type-C charging port for faster and more efficient charging. Claimed waterproof level is IPX68, or submersible to 2 meters for 30 minutes, if you want that translated to English. This ultra-compact everyday carry flashlight measures only 2 inches in length and weighs only 0.77 ounces (excluding the battery). So, what has changed? Robust, fine machine craftsmanship, and well thought out user design. #13 CSG, Aug 7, 2020. 3. Build in charger, standard micro-usb socket. Olight M2Rpro vs Jetbeam IIIMR vs Fenix PD36R - a "different" review. M4D M4X. It blows my PD35s, TK16s, and TK20 away. Either a very blue colour, or just full of green rings that tint shift from the centre to the edge of the beam. Best EDC between Fenix PD36R or Sofirn SC31 Pro 5000K. Build Quality and Disassembly. Utilising a Luminus SST-40 LED it offers a maximum output of 1600 lumens on turbo and throw the beam up to 283 metres distance. LegionArms Polyamide Clip-On Kydex Flashlight Holster for Fenix PD35, Olight M2R, PowerTac E5 E9, ThruNite TN12, Nitecore P12. -The emitters Olight use in all of their products suck ass. The anodization is tough, and the whole flashlight barely weighs a thing. With the flash sale coming up on Friday, I want to decide between these two lights. That said, not all Chinese made lights are equal. You can use the two-way body clip to attach the LD30 to a hat or tactical vest effortlessly. 500 lumen, vs 400 that the older model had. I tried to present those 3 flashlights without making just another “glossy beautyshot advertising galore” Let me know what you liked and what you missed! Budda. It also borrows some of the design cues of the head portion of the Olight M23 Javelot. I'm leaning toward the Olight for overall output. But the pd40r v2.0 Is superior in almost every way. The Fenix PD35 V2 EDC flashlight features a dual switch design for effortless setup. I also have a Fenix PD36R and the battery is also a 21700 which allows you to forget about having to charge the battery often. A slightly different desighn, different anodizing and button color 3. CSG said: ↑ I also … The Fenix PD36R rechargeable flashlight is a high-performance flashlight unlike anything else on the market for its size. A newer XP-L LED is being used this time 2. PT16 vs Modded D25C, XPL HI V2 1A and FET driver (5.3A).. PT16 vs Fenix E15 2016: PT16 vs Olight S1. 10-12-2020, 07:46 PM #4. Well, Olight keeps on renewing their models, and this time it’s turn of the successful S10R. This LED rechargeable flashlight delivers a maximum 1600 lumens to an impressive distance of 928ft (283m), all on a high capacity 21700 li-ion battery. This makes the light very easy to use and carry. Last post. Replies: 9 Views: 5,466; Rating0 / 5; Last Post By. PT16 vs Sinner 18350, 3x XPG S2 0D with 3A Qlite and narrow frosted optic . Fenix PD35TAC. The included Fenix 21700 5000 mAh lithium-ion … $95.45 Next page. The manual is good, and displays many (7 or 8) languages. Fri, 11/22/2019 - 04:26 #1. OLIGHT M2R Pro Warrior 1800 Lumens USB Magnetic Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight, 21700 Battery, holster with EdisonBright BBX5 battery carry case bundle. What are the differences between Fenix's two most popular flashlights? Like You like this. Vs other lights: Manual mode, 1/125 left, 1/1600 right. Summary: it’s an evolution, not revolution. Nitecore is commited to creating bright, multi-mode, and tough tactical flashlights in small and practical packages. Sofirn SC31 Pro 5000K. 20 posts / 0 new . The Fenix HT18 is almost a mini Fenix TK47UE in terms of size but don’t let the size fool you because the Fenix HT18 has almost double the candela rating! Replies: 2 Views: 2,087; Rating0 / 5; Last Post By. Fenix PD36R Review, USB-C, 21700, 1600 Lumens The older PD35 TAC has been many people's favorite tactical flashlight for the last 3 or 4 years, and this is the successor. Typical Fenix black and orange(ish) package. Pros: premium user design; Cons: N/A; Ease of use: 9/10; Ease of carrying: 8/10; Lumen: 950; Price: $49.95; The Olight S2 is a premium well-rounded light! The all-new LD30 includes a Fenix 3500U Rechargeable 18650 battery. To access the momentary-on output, simply tap the tactical tail switch. The Fenix PD36R, like the original PD35, is the total EDC flashlight package, learning the best tricks of the past while heading straight for a bright future. Zebralight SC64w HI: + Like the Olight, this thing oozes quality. I like Olight’s shortcuts to turbo and moonlight, Fenix or Olight are you listening? I can't imagine the momentary switch thing would be an issue. 5 years ago. I recently ordered a Fenix PD36R but now I'm second guessing myself. $109.95. The Fenix LD30 is a compact everyday carry flashlight with a max output of 1600 Lumens and a beam distance of 672 ft. In my opinion, this flashlight has all the potential to be a great all-rounder. 18% Fenix PD40R (bit large for EDC, IK) 2% Total votes: 44 . USB-C and uses 21700 5000MAH battery. The max output is 1600 lumens (claimed) and the low output is 30 lumens. $106.45. Which is better for you and what are the advantages of one over the other? Older polls; Related Sites. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. suggested Olight Seeker 2 PRO Fenix PD35 Fenix UC35 Fenix E30R NiteCore P12 Fenix LD30 Fenix TK20R Fenix TK26R Fenix TK22 V2.0 Fenix UC35 V2 Popular comparisons The high performance Fenix E16 provides a max output of 700 Lumens on one rechargeable 16340 battery. BLF Status Updates ;; The Flashlight Forum;;; Parametrek Flashlight Search;;;; Reviews Linternas; … What’s interesting about this light? You can use the tailcap as well as the side switch to activate the light. It helped me choose to buy a Fenix PD36R instead of another Olight. Fenix’s pd36r is an extremely popular light. Fenix Flashlights FX-PD35TAC Flashlight, 1000 Lumen, Black, 5.5 in; Price: $69.99; Price as of 12/29/2020 09:18 PST (more info about ad) The Fenix PD35TAC is a very robust and dynamic light and is the reason I really like Fenix’s flashlights. Become a member to get 20% OFF and FREE 3-DAY SHIPPING! I live in a van down by the river. What factors would drive your decision between these two? Archived. Popular comparisons. Fenix PD36R Flashlight; Fenix 5000mAh 21700; Charge cable (USB to USB-C) Nylon pouch; Lanyard; Spare o-ring; Spare switch boot; Manual and paperwork; Package and Manual. Check It Out. Designed for tactical and professional applications, the Fenix PD36R Tactical Flashlight has an assortment of different features, including a max output of 1600 Lumens on the turbo setting which casts a beam distance of 928 feet. … VideoReview: Fenix PD36R VS Olight M2R PRO. 8. It's a car light or pack light, not EDC. Deadcell. Moshe ben David Loaded Pockets. Let’s check out the merits and demerits of this new generation Olight Warrior X model. It weighs 3 ounces. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Articles 06-19-2020, 06:42 AM. Is it worth the price or is it overrated? I have been looking at reviews of the Olight M2R Pro, and it looks like a great light as well. Moshe ben David likes this. I own it and love it. Both flashlights have very similar stats, but the main differences are between how they operate and battery level indicator. 1. #pd36r #flashlights #fenix #product-overview #fenix-pd36r-review #luminus-sst40-led-fenix-pd36r #pd36r-review see all. Fenix PD36R vs Olight M2R Pro. 4.6 out of 5 stars 227. r/flashlight: We discuss quality flashlights and lights of all types including: EDC, keychain, headlamps, lanterns, weapon, work, and many others … I'm looking for my first serious flashlight. * Industrial & Corporate Sales ; Find a Retailer. suggested Fenix PD36R Fenix LD30 Fenix E18R LED Lenser P7 Streamlight Stinger Fenix PD36R Olight Warrior X LED Lenser P7.2 Klarus XT11GT Fenix UC35. The Fenix PD36R is 5.35” long and 1” in diameter. The PD36R is well built. Started by Budda, 03-03-2020 03:58 AM. F4.0 fixed ISO and WB. … It’s slightly longer, slightly (but only slightly) more expense, and very slightly heavier, which gives it a more substantial feel in the hand. The Olight Warrior X (or Olight Warrior 10) is the latest generation of the venerable Olight M20 Warrior that came out a decade ago - where X is the Roman numeral for 10. Fenix PD36R vs Olight M2R Pro. Fenix, Olight, Klarus are the leaders in high quality affordable lights. The PD36R sport a 1600 Lumen Luminus SST40 LED and includes a USB-C connector to charge the included 21700 battery.