The delicious benefits of Hard Red Spring Wheat don’t stop there. Great Lakes Staple Seeds provides Michigan grown staple crop seeds that fit your plant-based nutritional goals. Switch to Map View. 2020 was a great comeback year for HRS after a wet dreary 2019. Spring wheat. Spring wheat is bred mainly for milling purposes where supreme quality is required by the industry. (120-140 lb./acre), less in drier climates. Avg. Oats, Barley and Spring Wheat Varieties. Filter Products Filter Products . KWS Cochise is the highest yielding spring wheat on the RL with 11% higher yields than Mulika. £2.49 £ 2. choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. Switch to Map View. FREE Delivery. Dormant seeding spring wheat is not a substitute for planting winter wheat at the proper time when conditions are suitable. We offer organic varieties with excellent overall disease resistance, including … View Hard Red Spring Wheat. Technical Bulletin. Spring wheat is bred mainly for milling purposes where supreme quality is required by the industry. From $4.50, Regular price With a treated yield of 103% when sown in the spring, Hexham is the best-performing spring wheat from late-autumn sowing, where it yields 106%. ND VitPro is widely adapted to the ND Spring wheat region. The Food Sector develops, processes and markets products that include flour, breakfast foods, pasta, frozen and fresh bread, crispbread and ready-to-eat meals.​. “Unlike spring barley, you don’t need to wait for the ground to warm-up for wheat,” he added. 2020 GROWING SEASON. View Soft Red Winter Wheat. 15,900 seeds/lb. Spring Wheat – Great Lakes Staple Seeds. HRSW has stronger gluten characteristics and higher protein content than other classes and … Keep kernels It is a viable alternative to a traditional spring wheat seeding program and as a means to keep wheat in the rotation when dry weather precludes winter wheat seeding in the fall. SEED ASSOCIATES; Hard Red Spring Wheat; Durum Wheat; Contact Us; TCG BROCHURE 2021; Hard Red Spring Wheat. Email For planting, I tend to wait until the soil is about 40F when measured 1.5 inches deep. Hexham is a feed spring wheat producing very high yields both autumn and spring sown. CPSR, CPSW, CWES and CWAD are sown at higher rates because of larger seed size as compared with CWRS to obtain the same plant stand. The CPS class was originally known for its medium protein, medium kernel hardness and medium dough strength properties, which was desirable for special end uses. Garden Ting Wild Bird Seed No Wheat/No Mess, 2kg. Spring wheat is sometimes dormant seeded in late November or early December, when the ground is cold enough to inhibit germination until spring. Hard Red Winter Wheat . Just like winter crops, effective rolling after drilling is invaluable here, as well as in achieving the best seed to soil contact. Our Midwest adapted seeds are 100% savable, natural, & untreated, each and every one grown with love on our homestead. Yes; No; Rotational Position. Here’s a glance at the strengths and best positioning of … From $5.00. Wheat is a grass widely cultivated for its seed, a cereal grain which is a worldwide staple food. 99. The variety need to work well when baking and give a high exchange in the mill. Spring Wheat AgriPro Varieties 2020 Data. Our proven leadership in genetics and high-performance seed delivers strong yields season after season, year after year. For growing information, please see our presentations that discuss  growing grains on a small, homestead scale. Canada is the world’s largest exporter of hard red spring wheat. Only 2 left in stock. We develop varieties to meet the future market demands in food safety, yield potential and future growing conditions.