Also, it allows for easy integration with both OEM and aftermarket audio systems. We’ve put together this subwoofer for cars buying guide to help you choose the perfect powered device that will really make your music thump! With 800 Watts RMS or 1600 Watts peak power, this device is quite powerful and produces … Polk Audio PSW10 – Extra Bass and Punch, 9. When it comes to car subwoofers, it is always best to go with a model that is bigger in size. It’s a great plug-and-play bass device, which sets a new standard for convenience even among compact subwoofers. 1. This giant ported sub can fill large rooms with ridiculous amounts of high-quality bass. This lets you know if you can safely hook it up to your car’s stereo without ruining your wiring, as can sometimes happen. Sometimes the bass seems a little distorted, but in many instances, this is only so when you turn on the ignition but it quickly balances out. Powered speakers are active speakers that have their own power source. You can use this powered subwoofer with most Klipsch speakers and others from leading brands out there. They are very competitively priced in the same region as many other 2-way and 3-way class speakers but these bad boys actually provide a 4-way classified set-up. At only 2.7 inches thick, this subwoofer is designed to fit perfectly under a car seat, which further makes installation neater. We’ve got you covered! It’s also got a 12-decibel bass boost that has a 45Hz frequency. Best subwoofer for large rooms — SVS PB-2000 Pro SVS has become one of the industry's top subwoofer companies, and the PB-2000 Pro is a perfect example of why. FREE Shipping. We love how easy it is to install – and you know that you are getting the best with Kenwood! It also creates one of the best amplified subwoofers for small cars or trucks with small cabs. There is also superior system optimization on this subwoofer. Setting the powered subwoofer apart is the integration of its amplifier within the speaker enclosure itself, saving the driver precious interior car space. It’s the best underseat powered subwoofer that we found during our research! While the performance wasn't as impressive as the Rockford Fosgate P300, it was still one of the best powered car subwoofers I tested, giving the remarkably low price exceptional value. It’s just three inches high, so you can stash it almost anywhere that you have space. The best powered subwoofer for cars in my opinion is the Kenwood 150W Low-Profile Amplified Car Subwoofer, which is a small and compact powerhouse that offers so much value and loud booming sounds despite its tiny size. All trademarks, copyrights, and other rights are the property of their respective owners. Otherwise, look through the rest of our powered subwoofer reviews to find the one that works perfectly for the system that you have! JBL GT-BassPro12 – Best Subwoofer with Built-in Amplifier, 7. The 12-inch cone in the Rockford Fosgate P300-12 is one of the largest on our powered subwoofer reviews and it displaces a lot of air. Rockville SS8P – Best Budget Powered Subwoofer, 3. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. There is at least one powered subwoofer model on our list that will work for you regardless of your preferences. Powered Subwoofers. Size: These are the dimensions of the subwoofers, so you can choose the ones that are going to fit the best in the space that you have. This powered car subwoofer comes with a 350-watt (continuous) amplifier and a 12-inch woofer installed to a sealed enclosure. This is when you purchase a subwoofer that comes in an enclosure with a built-in amplifier. ... Best Seller in Car Component Subwoofers. If you’re mounting it up on a wall of the car, you’ll want something lighter.