The thickness of the lens will vary based on the prescription, so some will be thinner than others. At EyeBuyDirect, bifocal lenses begin at $29 and progressive lenses begin at $49. While looking straight ahead, measure the distance from the center of your left pupil to the center of your right pupil. I've seen other's orders change numerous times (past this) same day, but mine's been sitting there since the 16th. Rimless glasses, on the other hand, need screws to hold the nose bridge and temples in place. And for semi-rimless glasses, the lenses are held into place by a thread that fits into the groove along the lenses edge. Precision lasers cut the frame pieces out of flat metal sheets, and the edges are smoothed by hand or by tumbling. I ordered my glasses last Tuesday and the order said “lens &frame allocation” for the first day then it changed to “lenses cutting and bevel edging” on Wednesday in the middle of the day. Check out our eyeglasses’ frame page for frames of all different shapes and sizes! The higher a lens' index is, the thinner it becomes. Metal glasses usually end up being wire, flat, or sometimes a combination of the two. ... At EyeBuyDirect, we guarantee the quality of our eyewear. Different mixes and concoctions of colored beads are used to make different colors and patterns. It hasn’t changed since. That stage could just be a blanket term for many steps they do there :) I wouldn’t be worried! And trust us, people have! Calling is a testament to bold, minimalist design. To fit the lenses in full-rimmed glasses, the frame is simply heated up so the lens can be pressed into place. The order status of this one has been at "Lens cutting and bevel edging" for 4 days now and hasn't even shipped. Although lead glasses would be easy to shape, it’s not the safest or lightest of metals to make glasses from. They stayed in that phase for a week before shipping out. To get floral and tortoiseshell patterns, solid sheets are chipped up and then pressed together. Otherwise, shipping will cost $5.95. They say it takes 7-14 business days and I know I’m not over that yet but I was wondering if I should be worried it’s been in that station that long. Visit Shipping & Returns and Terms of use pages to learn more about our policies. Unless you’re buying your eyeglasses from an antique dealer, the chances of your glasses frames being made from actual bone or shell are slim to none. That was a week being wasted. 1-855-393-2891 Now (23 October 2020), another problem is that my order status has been the 'lens cutting & bevel edging' one for more than 2 weeks. They offer frames that start at just $6 – a fraction of the cost of other eyewear retailers.. For EyeBuyDirect, the key to offering low prices is their vertically integrated company structure. Eyeglass and sunglass lenses are shaped from plastic disks. See More Bone and ivory. For prescription sunglasses, distance lenses begin at $20 and multifocal lenses are available from $109. Placed the order on 25 September 2020. Lens index is a number that describes how thick or thin your lenses are. Founded in 2005, is an online eyeglasses retailer that aims to please customers with a wide variety of stylish lenses at unbeatable prices. This giveaway is administered by EyeBuyDirect and is in no way administered, endorsed or sponsored by Facebook. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Each time I’ve ordered, they shipped exactly 7 days after purchase. Don't be overwhelmed by all our different lenses. - A great alternative to purchases your glasses. The type of lens selected is unique for each order/prescription. Just like with wire metal frames, nose pad hinges are soldered on, plastic is fitted over the tips of the temple arms, and the temple arms are fixed to the frame front at the hinges. 4. Specialized machines then cut and bevel the lenses down to the right shape for the frame and the wearer’s prescription. Optical Glasses Lens Groover Beveling Cutting Machine 12at With Pc Lens Wheel , Find Complete Details about Optical Glasses Lens Groover Beveling Cutting Machine 12at With Pc Lens Wheel,Optical Lens Groover Machine,Optical Lens Beveling Machine,Glasses Lens Cutting Machine from Other Optics Instruments Supplier or Manufacturer-Danyang Huasu Optical Co., Ltd. Eyebuydirect “lenses cutting and bevel edging” taking a really long time. Well, most modern eyeglass and sunglass frames are made from either plastic or metal. Metal is a great choice of material for glasses frames since it can be easily cut, shaped, and formed, but picking the right kind of metal is important. Q. A frame with an average prescription usually comes to around $70, which is much cheaper than you would typically find in a brick-and-mortar store. I wouldn’t worry. A. EyeBuyDirect’s lenses are made of lightweight CR39 and polycarbonate plastic. Wire frame metal glasses are from, well metal wire! So let’s take a look at how are eyeglasses made. I ordered 4 pairs of glassed from on October 19th. Blue-Light Blocking Digital Screen Saver . By visiting our website, you agree to our Privacy Policy. ... Single-vision lenses are included in the price and if you want to add progressive lenses, sunglass tint, or anti-glare it would be an additional cost. After a sheet is finished, it’s set to cure and harden. Winner announced 12/01/20. However, the lenses in prism glasses are ground to a different shape than most other prescriptions: the apex of the lens will be thinner than the base. Depending on the style, an adjustable nose pad is attached, along with hinges and temple arms. I still had not received my package by Nov 9 when I contacted their customer service through the website. This creates large sheets of uniform colors. Sweepstakes begins on 11/24/20 and ends on 11/30/20 11:59PM ET. I ordered some recently from eyebuydirect and had a similar experience. optical glasses lens groover beveling cutting machine 12AT with PC lens wheel, US $ 104 - 114 / Piece, Jiangsu, China, huasu, 12AT.Source from Danyang Huasu Optical Co., Ltd. on This deep Black frame's classic oval lenses and subtle browline dip give it a traditional vibe, while it's Silver temple tips and adjustable nose pads give it a cutting edge twist. long does it normally take? Specialized machines then cut and bevel the lenses down to the right shape for the frame and the wearer’s prescription. On October 24th I received an email saying that my lenses were being fitted. All I can say is that it definitely lived up to the hype! EyeBuyDirect was founded in 2005 by Roy Hessel, who is chief executive officer. How long is the "Frame & Lens Allocation" status? I love these glasses, it's a bit out of my comfort zone but I'm very pleased with how they look and the services. lol. Hmm..makes me wonder if I'm ever going to get my eyeglasses or if I just wasted my $ for nothing. Description. Eyebuydirect offered to send another pair. Back in the day, tortoiseshell frames weren’t made of plastic or acetate, they were made from actual tortoiseshell! With a rectangular, semi-rimless design, metal finish and smooth, elegant contours, this silver frame is flattering and modern. In general, our invention contemplates the provision of a lens cutting and bevel edging machine in which the lens blank, while being rotated, is supported for vertical movements and for horizontal movement relative to a rotating vee cutter with the horizontal movement being controlled by a cam having the shape of the lens to be cut and with the vertical movement controlled by a spherical cam surface having a radius corresponding to the base of the lens … From our on-trend designs and everyday prices (like frames starting at just $6! Also sometimes there’s breakage (imperfections, lenses not passing quality control) which might make them restart that phase, but still should be on time typically! We break it down and explain every lens index we offer. Live on the cutting edge of street fashion with Avenue. Place a ruler, milimeter side up, directly under the center of your right or left pupil. The company also sells prescription and non-prescription sunglasses, sport sunglasses, and computer glasses designed to reduce glare. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This is my first time ordering prescription glasses online and I'm getting impatient. Eyeglasses are also made from plastics. First, the plant fiber is extracted, processed into a paste, and then cured into a soft plastic. If what you really wanted was the review with the pics, no need to fear. The first problem was that my payment didn't get through to their system and I had to fill out a statement form to authorize the card payment. The type of lens selected is unique for each order/prescription. Injection plastic is when tiny plastic beads are melted down and then shot into a mold. It comes right after some EyeBuyDirect details! We picked the perfect lens features to enhance your frames. See our latest collections & exclusive offers before the crowd! Acetate, a plant-based plastic, is bit different. If you are not happy with your glasses, simply contact us for a refund or a replacement. With a unique blue floral pattern and a smart hipster style, Alette you in on a secret: these frames are irresistible. Shop EyeBuyDirect! I ordered my glasses 6 days ago, and they have been in the "cutting and beveling" status for the last 5 days. Each lens receives a finishing by hand and then fitted into its frame. The long and short is that the prices and convenience of Eyebuydirect is attractive. The best lenses for your lifestyle. The wire winds its way through precision machinery that crimps and turns it, forming and shaping it into frames. What does EyeBuyDirect make their lenses from? Monday-Friday 9 a.m. - 12 a.m. EST Then, pigments are mixed and folded into the plastic and pressed several times through giant rollers. EyeBuyDirect, Inc. is an online retailer of prescription glasses, based in Austin, Texas. Check it out. How long does it take to cut and bevel lenses? Let’s be friends! You can even buy bifocals, which is a lens type that other online eyewear retailers exclude. I ordered my glasses last Tuesday and the order said “lens &frame allocation” for the first day then it changed to “lenses cutting and bevel edging” on Wednesday in the middle of the day. If you’re looking to learn more about the different styles of eyeglasses EyeBuyDirect has to offer? A similar process to the one used to cut flat, metal glasses is used make acetate frames. Precision machinery cuts out the frame front and temple arms, which are then tumbled and polished. Note that the average PD is between 57 and 65mm. We hoped this has let you learn more about how are eyeglasses made. This frame is a great addition to any collection. Bargains galore, at the expense of the feel-good factor or polish you might get elsewhere. Each lens receives a … Cutting-edge modern Crisp modern frames in clear acetate or sleek metal make a statement when they’re a touch on the large side. Repeat for accuracy. If you continue to have trouble logging in, please contact us or send an email to: ), see why our affordable prescription glasses, sunglasses, and Blue Light Blocking Lenses have landed everywhere from … About 6 of those days were in the cutting and bevel edging phase. The best lenses for your lifestyle. Hemisphere Gunmetal Metal Eyeglasses from EyeBuyDirect. Let’s be honest, you could make eyeglasses from pretty much anything. Higher prescriptions require higher index lenses, while lower prescriptions require lower index lenses. Can Color Blind Glasses Help You See Color. Discover exceptional style, quality, and price. About EyeBuyDirect. Eyeglass and sunglass lenses are shaped from plastic disks. Custom polarized lenses can cut down on glare, while a little extra coverage can give you the protection and clear vision you need for peak performance. Subscribe to our newsletter. Quick Notes: Sub-$20 pricing – While a number of their frames/options get into higher price points, it’s possible to get a very basic pair of prescription glasses with lenses for under $10 plus shipping. Will most likely get another pair from eyebuydirect. Ordered last Monday, my glasses have been in the "lens cutting & bezel edging" status since Tuesday of last week. A while back someone told me about how awesome eyebuydirect glasses are because of the style, quality and cheapness. Sophisticated in an ultra 21st century-way, these Pearl eyeglasses will give your look a unique yet professional update. Saturday-Sunday 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. EST. Their pricing isn’t as transparent and simple as some other sites, but frame and lens prices or low, so as long as you check your total you shouldn’t be in for a … Not only does EyeBuyDirect offer affordable prices, but it also offers a wide variety of lens options, including single vision distance and reading glasses, and progressive lenses as well as fashion glasses with non-prescription lenses. Metal wire is pressed into the temple arms for stability, and hinges and nose pads are added by hand. A. So how are eyeglasses made nowadays? Fret not, though. After submitting, you should receive an email with link shortly. Premium progressives are also available starting at $69. It hasn’t changed since. EyeBuyDirect has been putting a focus on low-cost, high-quality eyewear since 2005. To optimize your experience we use cookies. The cost of EyeBuyDirect prescription lenses depends on a few factors, including extra features, lens type, and the lens index. Prism lenses look just like any other eyeglasses! They are so cute and I can't wait! High Index Lenses. Flat metal glasses, on the other hand, are made of thin, sheet metal. Inspired design marries classic and cutting-edge looks in a pair of glasses that is smart and soulful at the same time. And the thick brows on horn-rimmed and browline glasses? If your total price is over $99, you’ll get free shipping. Sheets of different color can also be pressed together in order to make new, striped sheets. Instead, most glasses frames are made of stainless steel, titanium, or aluminum. We picked the perfect lens features to enhance your frames. By completing all manufacturing under one roof, cutting out the middlemen and retail costs, EyeBuyDirect is able to pass these savings directly on to their customers. EyeBuyDirect is a big, budget box-shifter, and isn’t afraid to show it. The joints and nose pad hinges are soldered on, plastic or acetate sleeves are slipped onto the temple arm tips, and the arms are screwed on the temples of the frame front. Please reach out to with any questions on these Terms & Conditions. Follow the link in your email to create a new password. Description. This Gunmetal frame comes complete with classy tortoiseshell temple tips, streamlined temple arms, and adjustable nose pads. The two main types of plastic used are injection or acetate.