... Rules of Court (Cap 332, R 5, 2014 Rev Ed) (“ROC”) for the appellant to apply for leave to appeal, if required. There are separate rules for the District Court, the Circuit Court and the Superior Courts (that is the High Court and Supreme Court) Browse the Court Rules by Jurisdiction. July 28, 2016 Peter Walker (@peterwalker99) This is, of course, by no means unusual in the high court. NIC developed new website. High Court Rules 2004 2 1 Name. Share. search case calendar holiday list notices original side appellate side high court at calcutta display board ecourt tender notices pendancy of cases Judges Sesqui centenary Celebrations Please refer to the revised Rules of Court … In a recent judgment of 21 June 2016 on a number of summary judgment applications in the case of High Commissioner for Pakistan in the United Kingdom ("Pakistan") v National Westminster Bank (the "Bank"), the English High Court considered the doctrines of act of state and non-justiciability, concluding that these doctrines, unlike state immunity, cannot be waived. Turkey's Top Court Rules Kavala's ... -Turkey's top court on Tuesday ruled that high-profile philanthropist Osman Kavala ... Kavala was arrested again on charges related to a failed coup in 2016. On 3 November 2016, the English High Court handed down its ruling in R (Miller) v.Secretary of State for Exiting the EU (Miller) in which it firmly rejected the UK Government’s argument that the Prime Minister could invoke Article (“Art.”) 50 of the Treaty on European Union (the “TEU”) without the prior authorisation of Parliament.. Number of Act: 21. to … These rules amend Order 22, rule 1(1) of the Rules of the Superior Courts and insert a new Order 63C and new Appendix JJ in those Rules to regulate the preparation pre-trial of, and the adducing of evidence in, Chancery and Non-Jury Actions, and other proceedings designated by the President of the High Court. 2) Rules 2016. The trial related to the 2016 coup attempt opened earlier this month, when the court kept Kavala jailed and set the next hearing for Feb. 5 at which it will hear another witness. HIGH COURT AMENDMENT (2016 MEASURES NO. Delhi High Court rules that refund cannot be adjusted against outstanding demand without prior intimation to taxpayer May 03, 2016 In brief The Delhi High Court (HC) held that it is mandatory for the Revenue to give prior intimation to the taxpayer in writing before setting off refunds due against any outstanding demands. Commencement 2 4. Forms to be used 3 9. Date of commencement: 7 June 2016… High court rules against dockers December 16, 2016 Norway’s highest court (Høyesterett) has rejected claims by a powerful Norwegian dock workers’ union that they have exclusive rights to load and offload vessels. Short title and Commencement – (1) These rules may be called the National Company Law Tribunal Rules, 2016. Assam Judicial Academy. Orissa High Court Video Conferencing for Courts Rules, 2020... 04/ Nov /2020; Cancellation of Tender Notice No. Further, by These Amendment Rules of Court, signed by the Justices on 7 June 2016, are made by the Justices under the Judiciary Act 1903, the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918, the Nauru (High Court Appeals) Act 1976 and the High Court of Australia Act 1979. In an important judgment, the High Court today declared that the Home Secretary’s decision, not to allow entry to the UK for six refugees, and their 19 children, currently stranded on a MoD base in Cyprus since 1998, is unlawful and must be quashed. Application 2 5. Any party seeking to file a document between 25 December 2020 and 3 January 2021 has an automatic extension of time under the High Court Rules (Rule 4.01.5) until 4:00pm on Monday, 4 January 2021 to file the document. rule 26 – certification of service and transmission of record to supreme court (criminal form 22). Recent Posts. [2016] SGHC 93 High Court — Admiralty in Rem No 239 of 2014 (Summon No 1038 of 2016) Steven Chong J 1 April 2016 18Steven May Chong2016 J: Judgment reserved. DELHI HIGH COURT (ORIGINAL SIDE) RULES, 2018 CHAPTER I .