By Bajaj Allianz Written By: Bajaj Allianz - Updated: 29th September 2020. Renew your car insurance policy today with Bajaj Allianz and take advantage of a number of benefits. The website will calculate the premium amount for you. Your expenses would be taken care of by the insurance company when you experience damage, death or disability. Being one of the most You can do so from the comfort of your office or home. When buying you have paid a voluntary excess of Rs. It is a straightforward process to locate our garages in your current city: 2. And you would end up paying more if you intend to insure them as well. All the relevant details related to the comprehensive car insurance policy cover can be found on the Bajaj Allianz website’s policy page. However, the vehicles that are fitted with a carriage for loading goods for the insured individual or the passengers is not a private car. Bajaj Allianz cannot provide four wheeler insurance coverage for the kit that is not mentioned or addressed to in the RC. All the grievances are closed within the stipulated time frame of 15 days. Our quick Turn Around Time (TAT) coupled with the highest quality of service has helped us bag many prestigious awards at national and international events. Yes. #5 Pay the said amount, and the policy will be emailed in the pdf format. In case of an accident, do not move the vehicle and inform the agent or car insurance company to inspect. While this may give you an overview of car insurance coverage, you should always check with insurance providers, to know more about your desired policy. One of the most helpful add-ons for your car insurance, this ensures you are never stranded on the road due to any concern associated with your car. Its service includes a broad range of insurance products in Malaysia. This is a new class of motor insurance policy that requires you to estimate the amount of kilometre you intend to drive or are most likely to drive during your premium tenure. Coverage Offered. Here are some benefits of buying car insurance online. This includes zero-depreciation shield as your car has already exhausted the slab of five years. Yes, with the OTS feature, you can now avail claims of up to Rs. 1800-209-1021, Agri Claims Click ‘Renew Now’ under the Private Car Third Party menu. Being one of the most expensive parts for servicing, you end up spending more to recover your car’s engine from a malfunction or an accident. Depending on your requirements and budget, your policy coverage would change accordingly. I further declare that, irrespective of my contact number being Regular rules of the policy apply even when someone else was driving your vehicle. However, the quotes may vary depending on several factors. As far as buying car insurance online is concerned, what you see is what you get. Our Conveyance Benefit add-on provides you with ‘per day’ cash benefit for the number of days, your car, the insured vehicle, is in a workshop following accidental damage. Car Insurance Covers After IRDAI’s New Rule. There are two types of insurance claims - cashless claims and reimbursement claims. 1800-209-0144 (Toll Free) Service: 1800-209-5858 (Toll Free), For senior citizens: When you sell off your car, you need to get the earned NCB transferred so that premium discount can be availed on the renewal of the new car’s insurance policy. This in-turn reduces your car’s IDV. Authority of India [TRAI] restrictions/guidelines on unsolicited telecalls, by my accessing this web Staying true to our commitment to provide top-notch services and prioritising our customers’ best interest, we offer a smooth and seamless claim settlement. Since getting your wheels on the road without a valid license is illegal, we too do not cover damages caused by a person driving the vehicle without a valid license. Third Party Legal Liability – We protect you from financial losses arising from accidental damages suffered by a third-party due to your vehicle such as permanent injury or death. Your car is precious, yes, but so are you. Call your insurance provider or visit your provider’s website or an app to register your reimbursement claim. It’s simple to buy car insurance that is usage-based and all you have to do is go to the website or an app and select usage-based motor insurance option to get your car insured in three minutes. For cashless garage, you can take your vehicle only to network garages as transactions between your insurance provider and the garage happen directly. With top-notch SSL security certifications, data privacy and security is ascertained. Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana, Pradhan Failing to have is an offence and you could be penalized for it when caught. From car damages to bodily harms of drivers, the expenses were significantly high for them as well. It is a unique 8-10 digit number provided by your car insurance company. To do so, you need to obtain the NCB certificate from your motor insurance company after informing them about the sale of the car.