Who am I?

I am a human

And I Am Going To Become A Digital Nomad

I am currently twelve years old, I am in seventh grade, and I will be traveling the world starting September. This isn’t crazy unbelievable, and our family has been traveling since before I was born. Travel has always been part of my lifestyle, like backpacking vacations in the middle of nowhere, using a water filter, and cooking food at ten thousand feet. My goal is to become a digital nomad and be able to do what I want, anywhere in the world.

Things We are going to do

The First Places We Will Go

The first place we will go is Bunbury, Australia. Bunbury is just south of Perth, and then we will go the Family Adventure Summit in Bali, Indonesia. After that, we will go to Thailand, and we will stay there for about a year. After Thailand… Well, life will guide us.

My Core Ideas

I may need to work on these myself, but they are what I believe in

  • Be Positive and Kind
  • Have An Adventure
  • Live Your Life To The Fullest Of It's Extent