DJI Tello Drone Review – 2019 Review


When I saw the Tello drone on the floor of my grandparent's house, under the Christmas tree, I ran to it, instantly loving it. It was Christmas morning, and I didn't think I was going to get something so amazing.

The night before, my grandparents and everyone else spoiled me with all the presents I had gotten, even though they knew we were flying back home with only two suitcases and two backpacks.

 I had also gotten two spare batteries and a charging port for four. The instant the batteries were charged, I downloaded the app on my mom's phone and ran outside to fly it. That is how I got my Tello drone. Now, the review part.

Stats Review

 The Tello drone has amazing control, the only thing is that it's hover often drifts slightly, and it is very susceptible to the wind. In high-speed mode, it has a max speed of 20.5 mph, or 9 meters per second, and it will always go straight forward. When you are turning left or right, you have to be careful, because your finger will often drift and then change the altitude.

More Stats

Max height is 33 feet, or 10 meters. However, if you want to go really high, take off from a higher spot, since it doesn't readjust the altitude measurement unless you land. One of the great things is that all the modes given in the app work perfectly, like hand landing, throwing take off, flips, etc.

The worst part is the video range, which is only about fifty feet, unless you have a range extender (20 bucks on Amazon, must always have power through USB port.) With a range extender, you can go about 200 feet with video, and farther without.

The Things I have

 Some of the extras and improving things I have: Range extender, Controller, Two spare batteries, Charging port. All of these I recommend to anyone who has a Tello or is buying one.

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tello portaable charger
This Will Work Fine For A Wifi Extender That Uses Little Battery
portable charger (big)
This One Is Overkill For A Wifi Extender, But Good To Use For Laptops

Here Is An Epic Crash That I Did With My Drone

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