My 10-Day Trip To Hiratsuka, Japan As An Exchange Student | Part 2

After The Bus

After the bus, we went into a building where we met our host families that we would be staying with. The kids names of the first host family are Kaito, who is fifteen, and Yuna, who is ten. In the second family the kid’s names are Takuma and Mana. I really enjoyed

meeting them and I really looked forward to spending time with them. After meeting them I went with my first host family, and we went to pick up Yuna, and after we went to McDonalds for dinner. I had some water, and we went home. They have a really nice house on a quiet street, small but cozy. I went upstairs to see the room I would be staying in, took out my packing cubes, and fell asleep.

Day 2

The next morning I woke up with the alarm (a.k.a. Kaito) at about 9 in the morning, and of course I looked tired, but I was up an’ at ’em in a couple of minutes. We had breakfast, which was amazing, and I packed up my Camelbak with my rain jacket, camera, and water. We hopped in their car, and headed off. The entire time I was on the trip, I knew where we were going five minutes before we got there, if I was lucky. Otherwise, I learned where we were and what we were doing as it was explained. We drove out to Enoshima Island and saw a temple, saw the Iwaya Caves, had an amazing lunch, and I got a necklace on the way down.

Pictures from Enoshima

White beets (these are larger than my forearm)
After Enoshima Island we went grocery shopping at a supermarket, which is exactly like what it sounds like. Huge, has everything you could ever need, really pretty, and something different. I would estimate that a supermarket in Japan is the size of Ikea here. One of the things I did at the supermarket was to get a drink of my choice, and I followed Kaito in getting Mitsuya Cider Kuchidoke Momo, a carbonated peach cider.

Kaito, Yuna and I played some Super Mario and Mario Kart, everyone ate dinner (which was amazing as always), and Kaito and I played some Blackjack before going to bed. 

Mitsuya Cider

Day 3

Day three was shopping in Tokyo, after we walked through a temple and split into groups. My group decided to go to Takeshita Street. We walked all the way through, looking at all the amazing shops.  Our group went to a store that had stuffed animals, knick knacks, toys, etc. The name of the store is Line Friends Tokyo. I then had an experience with the craziness asociated with subways.
I’m not entirely sure which station we started at, but I know that one of the stations was Shibuya Station, and the other station was Meiji-jingumae Station.

After the subway, our group all wanted sushi, so one of the guides (japanese teenagers that had gone to Lawrence before), searched on his phone for a sushi resturuant. We walked the decent 

ways, and of course, closed for construction until tommorow. We then went walking again to another one, and had to wait twenty minutes until we could eat. However, this sushi resturuant was special. 

At that sushi resturuant, I spent 1,446 円 (yen), which is $13.31. My friend to the left of me spent 268 yen, and two to the left, he spent 368 yen. I may or may not have spent a tad more than them. (That was sarcasm.) After sushi we went to a giant store called Loft, which was notebook suplies, scrapbooking, etc. There I got a silver, gold, and fancy pen for me. The fancy pen has black, green, 

red, blue, and a mechanical pencil in it. The other things I bout there were two Pokémon stickers (Dragonite and Ninetails).I also got silver and gold sparkly capped pens for Brenna, my little sister. I spent 3,058 yen at that store ($28.13). After that store we chilled on top of a tower for a little bit, and then zoomed our way back to the bus and Hiratsuka. 

After Kaito picked me up we walked a little and waited for his mom, and then went to choose a Japanese cream roll cake. After a dinner of Okonomoyaki, we had a japanese cream roll cake for dessert, played Othello, took a bath, and slept really well.

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