My Last Day Of Public School

The Start Of My Day

       Today I woke up early, about 6:45, and I got moving. This was allready a positive start, as normally, I get up at 7:10, twenty minutes before the bus comes. I ate my bowl of cheerios and I got my stuff ready. I was out the door on time, and I made the bus, even though I had to deal with the noise of 8th graders on their last day of middle school. I got to school and started the last day of public school for an indefinite if not infinite period of time.

What We Do On The Last Day

At West Middle School, on the last day we go to an assembly and watch teams compete for the Warhawk Cup, which is the award to the grade that wins in the assembly. The last assembly of the year is a tic-tac-toe competition. Sixth grade vs. seventh, eighth vs. staff, and the winners face off. After the assembly, we head back to our classrooms to get yearbooks. I didn’t order one, so I looked at someone elses, and it was amazing. There were random polls and great oictures of students being involved. It was the best yearbook I have ever seen. I now regret not buying one, plus, it would have been a great way to remember everyone.

After we get yearbooks, we are dissmissed outside, to the football field, where we get a hot dog, chips, a drink, and plenty of space to sign yearbooks.

At least, one would think there is enough space on a football field for seven hundred and fifty kids, but it is really crowded. I had a lot of fun signing yearbooks and talking with my friends. I got a couple of pictures with some of my best friends, and signed plenty of yearbooks.

        I talked, joked, and laughed until 11:15, when everyone got silent. We waited only about ten seconds before the principal went over to the speakers and dissmissed us from our last day of school. The eighth graders and I would not be going to middle school again.

        I can’t describe how I felt, except that I was greatful and sorrowful of the time I had at West. On the bus ride home, I was reminded of the fact that I would never see most of the people I saw today ever again. I wish that I was a little closer to my freinds, and I won’t be able to complete this goal. I know I will keep in touch with many people, and I had a great year, but I regret not spending more time with people.

I Am Officially Out Of Public School

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