Update On Site Progress

What I've Been Working On

Hey guys, I have been fine-tuning my website, like adding a logo, trying to speed up my site, and stuff like that.

My Dad has helped me notice that some of my posts take up to eight seconds to load, and I am working on speeding up my site. Also, I need to touch up on my english skills for some of my branches, and I need to find a good site to post all of my travel pictures, because if I put them all on my site, it could crash.

How I Find Resources

If any of you peeps want to start a blog, I will give you as many tips as I can, and I will also give you some sites that have vast amounts of knowledge on creating a website and making your website better; IE: ranking, seo, etc.

How Done Am I With My Website? 99.99%
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I’ll be done with my website soon, but I’ll be posting a little less often since school starts again soon. If you want help with anything, just leave your email and name in the comments and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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