What I Thought When Dad Said We Were Leaving A Month Early

When Dad told me we were moving the out-uh-here date back a month, I went numb. I was already anxious, but this made it so much more stressful. I have a homemade paper calendar on my mirror, and I hadn’t yet taken down January or February. So, he went over to my calendar and removed January, February, December, November, October, and September. Then he asked me, “That shortens how much time we have left to work on things, doesn’t it?” Obviously, this was true, because I still saw my calendar as having all those months left, but this changed my view. “Yeah. Oh wowzers,” I answered. Then I had about fifteen minutes to contemplate this before mom got home and I helped with dinner. I stood there for a minute and then said, “Well, okay.” and that was that. Now I’m waiting for the time to come when we start traveling the world, and one of the most exciting things to do is to write blog posts and improve my website, for all of you guys reading it.

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